Here are a few tutorials I made to explain specific things such as my introductory tutorials for the basics of 3ds max, which i made with the assumption of no knowledge. You will also find specific tutoriasl where I explain things such as UVW Mapping.


People looking for the textures can get them here.


The Tools
This is just an overview of the whole interface and where panels and toolbars are located by default.


Creating Basic Shapes
Creating these basic shapes are the foundation of modelling. Though a simple task on it's own, knowing what you can do before moving to an editable poly can help save time even with the most complex models.


Manipulating Shape
By converting the generic shapes into an Editable Poly you can then manipulate its shape to then turn it into whatever shape you want.


This is just a basic over view of how textures work and how to apply them, there is much more but this is just an introduction to materials and textures.


UVW Unwrapping
More complex models wont be uv mapped so easily, so the uvw unwrapping is necessary, setting groups of polys on a flat area allows you to paint textures using photoshop which are then applied to the 3D shape in 3ds max.